Monday, January 09, 2006

My holidays are finally over

Finally! We had our annual Epiphany party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, as always. First, a little history: my family (meaning my mom, brother, and me) used to get together with another family (of 6) every Christmas Eve. We'd have frozen pizza, various people would drop in and out, we'd go to midnight candlelight service, and then open presents. Then I got married, and David changed the tradition a bit in that we didn't have frozen pizza anymore, we had a real meal. :) Eventually, over time, as all of us 'kids' got married, it got more and more complicated to get together. About 3-4 years ago, we decided to move our get-together to Epiphany.

This year we had lasagna, caesear salad, and garlic bread as our main meal. Of course, we had too much, not to mention the appetizers, snacks, and desserts (oh, my mom makes the BEST tiramisu! then there was the creme bruleƩ, cheesecake, and apple pie). After the meal, we then play The Game. Everyone has brought a wrapped present (our rule is that it has to be under $10, or re-gifted), and then we all take turns (order is chosen randomly and the whole thing is masterminded by Luther). It's a LOT of fun. This year, I ended up with ear muffs, though at times I had Greenies or a long knitted striped hat.

Anyway, now my holidays are finally over, I can take the decorations down, and lose these pesky 5 pounds that have crept back on since reaching my goal.

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